Sick and tired of accusations that his astonishing Multi-Million Dollar track record came from lucky breaks, good timing, having big money, access to better opportunity, the right contacts, lots of training, but it won’t work for the “average Jane/Joe” – he comes clean and REVEALS the truth in this tell-all report…

“How Does A Learning Handicapped
EX-Mechanic Who Couldn’t Even Read ‘til
Almost 13 Years Old Go From Dead-Broke To

Cracking-The-Code Of Infallible ‘Net Profits On
Demand’ Formula
That Consistently Humiliates
Seasoned Business Professionals (Making Him
And His Lucky Clients Millions Of Dollars
(So Far) In 4 Short Years?)”

…The first time, you can call it “luck” –

…The second time, they say it’s a “fluke” –

…The third time, it’s justified as “good market timing” –

…But… what do you call it when you’ve done it over 20 times and created millions of dollars in less than 4 years? Now that’s a formula… a quick and easy bulletproof SYSTEM that has stood the test of time and consistently cranks out the profits! And, like any true formula, it cannot pick and choose who it will work for and who it won’t… it has to work the same way for anyone who uses it. 

  • From:  Southwest, Florida
               Thursday, 9:57 am

Dear Friend,

     Ever knock down a row of Dominos?

     What in the world does that have to do with you making Net Profits On Demand?  Everything! Let me explain…

     Knocking down a row of Dominos is a chain reaction, right?  You just tip the first one over and they all fall down.  The first Domino leads to the second… the second to the third… and on and on and on.  No matter how many are in the row or where the row might turn, knocking the first one over is all it takes to knock them all down. It’s easy, right…

The hard part is setting the
little buggers up the right way…

     It takes hours (in some cases weeks) and a certain amount of practice and skill to build the row, but anyone can knock it down in the blink of an eye if it’s been built right.  Properly built, tipping over the first one triggers a process that can’t be stopped!

     Now, come closer. Here’s where it gets really exciting (and lucrative)…

     See, not only have I cracked the code to building business models that line your pockets with Net Profits On Demand anytime you want… but, get this I’ve actually designed a system that takes you through the entire painless process… now it’s possible to make Net Profits On Demand, just like knocking down a row of Dominos that I’ve already set up for you! Fact.

     You did read that right. 

     In fact, I’m gonna go out on limb and guarantee you that in less than 20 days I can coach you to build your own little Net Profits On Demand (N-POD) business model.  And there’s more… unlike anything else you will find anywhere else, the N-POD formula actually molds itself to YOU because of the unique way it’s been designed.

     Starting from ground zero, with nothing more than the desire for something more… N-POD can transform your financial life in only 20 days… it can have you making money in an area that YOU are interested in… that YOU find exciting… that YOU are passionate about.  In fact, you don’t even need a product or service to sell. You don’t need any previous business experience.  You don’t need a website. You don’t need any specific business skills. 

     Almost impossible to miss.  Really.

     N-POD’s “plug ‘n play” framework is a system, complete with all the tools you need, broken down into an easy to follow format so it’s not overwhelming.  See, even the most complicated things become simple when broken down to its core fundamentals. Everyday (for only 20 days) you take a small step and put another piece of the puzzle in place.  Just like the Dominos, each day builds on the momentum of the day before. You’re never left wondering what to do next.

     Because each baby step by itself is no big deal, the process becomes quick, easy and FUN instead of scary, overpowering and agonizing. It’s almost deceiving how simple it is to rake in the dough with N-POD.  By the end of the 20th day this “learning-by-doing” approach will have you discover, master and profitably apply the formula.

     Earn while you learn. What could be better? 

Here's The Full “Skinny”
(The Story
Behind The Story)

     Hey, I got all “cranked up” and got ahead of myself (sorry about that... sometimes I get so excited about what N-POD can do that I get carried away). So let me slow things down a bit here and let you in on the full story behind the story. 

     If my name is still unfamiliar to you, it's because I've chosen to quietly make a fortune developing, testing and honing my craft to razor sharpness, playing in the shadows “behind the scenes” for the last 5 years. But it wasn’t always that way (more on that in just a second).

     Because I've been so busy doing business (rather than talking about it), even my family and friends don't know exactly what I do to live the incredible lifestyle I enjoy. I'm the mysterious - yet successful - one that everyone is curious and whispers about at parties and get togethers. Kathy, my wife, and I crack up at how many people ask her "What exactly does Joshua do?" Now Kathy just has fun with them and keeps my legend going by telling them "I don't really know what he does, but he sure does make a lot of money doing it."

     He-he-he. I love keeping them on their toes. Actually, it's really NOT all that complicated, mysterious or difficult (but don't tell them that).


     Anyway, I've been lucky enough to be a pivotal member of a small "closed-door" team of the shrewdest business, marketing and technical minds the online world has ever seen. We have masterminded, orchestrated and pulled off stunning triumphs that are now legendary among Internet insiders.

     One of the online business models I helped create about 4 short years ago recently turned down a high 8 figure - yes, that says "high EIGHT figures" (you do the math) - buyout offer for the business. And get this... they turned it down because the offer wasn't big enough!

   Not BIG enough, imagine that.

   Now, as embarrassing as this is, it’s time for me to “Come Clean”…

I Have A Confession...

     See, I’m a recovering “Business Opportunity Junkie” (and, if truth be told, sometimes, I’m not all that recovered).  Maybe it’s because of my “learning disabilities” but when you don’t learn to read until you’re in the 6th grade and grow up on the streets of New York City, you learn to find the shortcuts to survive.  I guess old habits die hard. Because I’ve never stopped searching for the shortcuts. 

     So, you name it… Internet… Offline… TV Infomercials… Seminars… MLM… Direct Mail… Personal Development Programs… Real Estate Deals… Software… Expensive $5,000.00 programs… cheap $25.00 deals … I’ve tried them ALL. In fact, my home library of these things probably tops… Gulp… $65-$75,000.00!

   (Hey, that’s what “Junkies” do).

     Anyway. I did discover something very interesting… Want to know what it is? It’s this: All these programs can be sorted into 2 giant piles and labeled as either:

  1. “Pure Crap” -- (this is the clear-cut junk sold by fast buck artists that have no hope of ever working in the real world... thanks, but no thanks); or…
  2. “Fantastic, Exciting --yet-- Intimidating” -- (these programs taught me all sorts of great insider type info that I couldn’t find anywhere else... but… I didn’t know where/how (and was scared) to start. They left me frozen, like road-kill in the headlights of an oncoming tractor trailer truck).

     Ever feel like the chips are stacked against you? Like you simply can’t win no matter what, so why even try?  I mean, the “Pure Crap” pile certainly wasn’t going to take me to the Promised Land... but then again, neither would the other pile if I was too overwhelmed by it to ever start using it (sometimes I think they purposely made it more complicated so I’d have to buy MORE stuff from them). I was as frustrated as a caged animal... like being a puppet with someone else pulling my strings, the freedom I lusted for was somehow always just out of my reach... that SUCKED...

What A Raw Deal!

     But like any good junkie, I was hooked... I was addicted. So I kept on spending and kept on feeling like my life was out of control. Hoping and praying that no unexpected car expenses would pop up... that somehow I would be able to pay my rent and figure out which credit card bill to bounce and which medical bill to ignore that month. My biggest dream back then was having an extra $75 bucks a month so I could run the air conditioner in my tiny, sticky Florida apartment (with 100% humidity almost all the time and no air conditioning I’d get out of the shower, dry off and be completely soaked with sweat within 90 seconds and need another shower).

     I know what it's like to eat the same 9-for-a-buck oriental noodle soups for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because $5 a week is all I could manage to scrape together for food (it's amazing how creative you can be when you have to be).

     I'll never forget one day, standing in the check-out aisle with a couple dollars worth of groceries and having the total come to 5 cents more than I had. I must confess I have never been so embarrassed. The woman behind me in line even offered to give it to me, but my pride wouldn't let me accept the lousy nickel. I stormed out leaving the groceries sitting on the belt, went without food, and started shopping at new supermarket to avoid reminding myself of the shame, pain and raw anger I felt.

     But don’t cry for me. You already know I turned it around in a major way (actually, it was that experience - a simple nickel that drove me to create this N-POD system).

     How’d I do it? Sheer grit, that's how.  I just bit my lower lip and jumped in, despite being overwhelmed, not knowing which end was up and being scared shitless. By trial and error in the streets of hard knocks, clawing and scrapping my way through the B.S. and confusion I eventually whittled it down to a simple system that worked consistently time in and time out to...Make Money Out The Yin-Yang...

“N-PODTM: Net Profits On Demand”
“The power to create money on demand.”

     Let’s fast forward to today... now the formula is so “dialed-in” that a brand new killer N-POD model can be created, developed and turned loose every 20 days... and that’s not too bad considering that...

It Only Takes One Killer N-PODTM
To Flood Your Bank Account With
Obscene Amounts Of Cash For

     Just one of my little N-PODs has been running on autopilot for almost 5 years straight now. Not only does this money machine just keep cranking out a steady, daily cashflow... but it also gives you the power to create a cashflow SURGE anytime you want.

     Check this out: I used the “On Demand” part of the formula to create an extra $7,520.00 in less than 90 minutes without any preparation whatsoever (and live TV cameras captured the whole thing)... and then, 3 weeks later I got an idea and used the “On Demand” part of the formula again and this time created $104,000.00 for less than a day and half of my time! Now that’s what I call an instant cash infusion.

     (It works in any economy, too – good or bad. The N-POD I’m referring to above actually makes more money when the economy is bad.)

     And that’s not even the best part. See, no longer does some stupid boss or job get to tell you what you’re worth, how much money you can make or when, where and how you have to conduct yourself.  No more office politics. No worries about glass-ceilings. No back-stabbing.  Nobody taking credit for your work.  None of that matters anymore.


     You can’t believe how much your health, relationships, natural charisma/charm and overall quality of life will soar once you get rid of – forever – all that stress.  All that crap zaps the very life out of us. That’s not living. No.  The money is all great... but what I think is the absolute best part about N-POD is that it puts YOU firmly in control of your life... YOU’RE in the driver’s seat. YOU call the shots.

     Personally, I do my best “work” at my favorite coffee shop or at the beach! Now that’s my idea of truly living!

How do you spell

     I spell it “N-POD: Net Profits On Demand” (and, in 20 days, you might too). Oh, hey, by the way, I almost forgot to tell you about another amazing way you can use the N-POD formula to make “Mucho Dinero” over and above building them for yourself... See, once you know what you’re doing (in about 20 days) you can build these N-PODs for other people. Why would you do that?

     Arithmetic... pure arithmetic.

     See, once you know how to create Net Profits On Demand you will have mastered what I believe is the highest paid, most sought after skill in the world (and, just like riding a bike, once revealed, this skill can never be taken away from you).  Well, this money making skill also happens to be something most people (even some very astute business folks) never figure out. You’re their Knight In Shining Armor. I mean, why not take a nice fat upfront fee ($5,000-$15,000.00) plus an ongoing royalty based on the profits you create especially when people will stand in line and beg you to do it?... This way you get to do 20 days worth of work once but get paid 5% to as much as 50% of the profits for the life of the N-POD.

     Just one of these little “hands-off” deals can make you over 6-figures a year. That’s my idea of a retirement plan!

     Now, I’ve gotta to tell you something, but you have to promise me you’ll stay calm.  I’m serious.  What’s the deal? Well everything we’ve discussed so far is the 100% absolute truth, but also is completely worthless to you without knowing this vital (yet jealously guarded) piece of info...

     See, if you want to tap N-POD’s power for yourself, then you need to know about the iron-clad commitment I made to myself when I decided to reveal the formula.  The pledge was to always remember just how frustrating it is to try and escape the rat race.  So, it’s my duty to provide the right leadership, mentoring and tools that set people up to really win with N-POD (even if doing so ends up preventing me from making an extra buck or two).

     This means there’d be times I’d have to tell people what they need to hear even though telling them what they want to hear would make more money. Well, this is one of those times (knowing full well it might get other so-called experts ticked off with me).  So here goes...

“Knowing Without Doing Is The
Same As
Not Knowing To Begin With”

     Look, what good is any of my N-POD building system if it never gets used? Let me back up a second.  Remember when I confessed to you I was a Business Opportunity Junkie and how everything in my vast ~$75,000.00 library could be divided into 2 giant piles (one labeled “Pure Crap” and the other “Fantastic, Exciting --yet—Intimidating)? Remember?

     Well, “Net Profits On Demand (N-POD)” is in a league all its own! It does NOT fit in either category.

     Why?  Because not only does N-POD give you all the tested, proven, cutting edge, insider’s only info that you can’t find anywhere else... but because of the unique way the system is designed you’ll find yourself automatically DOING the things you need to do (effortlessly and confidentially) instead of beating yourself up because you bought “another one of those deals” that didn’t work (leaving you even more confused, frustrated and desperate for things to change).

     Here’s the bottom line: The quickest (and most effective) way to develop any new skill is to learn by doing...

“Experience Is The
Best Teacher”

     And, there’s really only two basic ways to gain experience.

  1. Trial and error. Banging your head against the wall, trying everything, looking everywhere for answers... clawing, scraping and fighting through all the failures without giving up ‘till you finally get the success you seek (this does work... it’s how I did it); or...
  2. Apprentice under a master. Get a qualified coach or mentor who’s already traveled the road you want to and who can teach to you to do it too (just because someone can do it themselves does not mean they can teach you to do it... often times, great “doers” make lousy teachers because they do things automatically, without conscious thought and forget that someone just starting needs even the basics broken down and explained clearly).

     I wish I had a qualified coach to guide me when I first started out... it would have shaved, oh, I bet, 9 or 10 years off my learning curve. Think about it.  A good coach evaluates the level you are at and then motivates you to take the next step forward only when you are ready. They take you by the hand and tell you what to do step-by-step and, more importantly, they know exactly how to avoid and overcome all the roadblocks that you don’t even know are waiting for you. 

Here’s The N-POD Secret:

     Well, my friend, you just discovered the unique power you can only get with the N-POD system.  Because of my learning disabilities I was forced at a very early age to alter the way I learn and develop new skills.  See, I literally can’t learn something new until I get my arms around the whole thing and am able to break down all of the pieces into small, bite-sized, easy to understand principles and procedures.  Now, this means it takes me much longer but once I learn it, I’ve mastered it on a very deep level few ever will. Out of this deep mastery of a subject, I am able to help others easily understand even the most complicated subjects and turn it into child’s-play for almost anyone.

     That’s why I’m a nut case about finding (or developing) and using set systems to produce consistent results, which is exactly what N-POD is. I was able to not only capture the subject matter but also break it down in a way that it only takes 20 days to walk you through the process so you can see measurable results in the form of CASH MONEY.  I become your secret weapon... your N-POD success coach.

     Here’s how it works... The key is to make it quick, easy and painless for you to taste success. Just one taste and you’ll be hooked forever... plus, once you experience success you will prove to yourself that it works for you and once you know that in your heart, your greed will be the only limit on the amount you make.  N-POD mastery through money... there’s no better way to learn.

     The N-POD building process is broken down into 20 easy to follow individual audio coaching sessions. Each one reveals vital (yet easy to “swallow”) little known business secrets I use everyday to make myself and my clients rich.

     Working at a leisurely pace, from the comfort of home in your spare time you’ll build your own lucrative business.  Each day simply pop the next coaching session into your player (this way I’m always there to coach you). Based on what we discuss in that session, I’ll show you exactly how to take a simple action... the next small building block to put in place to create your own Net Profit On Demand business model. Everyday, you’ll easily build on the success of the day before and at the same time master the breakthrough formula and process forever.

     See, just like knocking down a row of Dominos!

     It works so smoothly you’ll forget to be uptight about learning. In fact, you’ll look back at the end of the 20 days in utter shock because each intermediate step is so quick and easy that it doesn’t seem like it should work this well.

     Let’s get down to business. Here’s a...

Peak Into The Inner Workings Of The N-POD System And
What You Can Expect From It In Just 20 Days:

  • The exact 11 factors in the N-POD formula – including the 3 most critical ones that will determine exactly how much money you will make – (Session #2).
  • How to unleash the leverage secrets of your N-POD so it feeds and grows itself (this little known secret gives you the power to start with little or no money and grow your income as big as you want out of the success of your N-POD) – (Session #1).
  • The raw, uncensored details of the cornerstone of the N-POD formula (miss this critical step – as most do – and your business will most assuredly FAIL even if you do everything else perfectly... it’s like trying to find a fresh water spring smack in the middle of the desert... it ain’t gonna happen). Even seasoned business professionals overlook this secret. – (Session #3).
  • An almost unheard of, but deceptively simple, way to turn your N-POD into the single best investment vehicle you can get anywhere which creates more wealth than you can handle (hands down, it’s better than Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, CD’s, or anything else I’ve ever found). – (Session #1).
  • How to Out-Profit Your Competition 12.53 to 1 in less time, without the money, energy and effort they will expend (you’ll be relaxing at the beach while they look for a razor blade to slit their wrist because they simply can’t figure out how to play in your game). – (Session #11).
  • 34 universal ways to make people lust after almost any offer so badly they’ll be drawn to you like steel to a magnet. – (Session #5).
  • How to hone in with pinpoint accuracy on the quick adjustment points that turn a losing business model into a homerun. While other’s give up, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.  (This information alone can be worth tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars to you over the course of your career!) – (Session #14).
  • My secret 9 step system to make people stand in line and feel lucky to do business with you. Once you’re done with this session you’ll immediately create world class marketing that sucks in the cash faster than a college fraternity goes through a keg of beer. – (Session #6).
  • How to force your N-POD to do the work while you relax the secret of systemizing your business so it runs on autopilot for you – (Session #8).
  • 31 proven fill-in-the-blanks templates you can instantly adapt for your specific needs that unlocks the...“P” (Profits) part of the N-POD formula (these templates allow you to crank out one homerun after the next at breakneck speeds) – (Session #6).
  • The simple (yet almost always overlooked) way N-POD will have you making money before you even have a product or service of your own to sell! (That’s right, in this session you’ll open your money tap and you’ll do it without even having a product... just wait till you see how well this one works!) – (Sessions #15 & 16 -- hey, look, you’re making money before you even get to the 20th coaching session)!
  • 5 juicy (yet simple) steps most people never use that take less than 10 minutes... which instantly “nails down” your N-POD foundation to make staggering amounts of money almost overnight. – (Session #1).
  • The secret of quickly creating your own hot products (if you even want to... fact is you using N-POD you can make a killing and never have your own products if you don’t want... how do ya like ‘dem apples?) – (Session #17).
  • How many times have you seen someone strike it rich with YOUR idea that you had years before? Each of us has many million dollar ideas inside (the hard part is taping into and cashing in on them). Use these 6 little known (and most effective) ways to INSTANTLY unlock all the million dollar ideas trapped inside you.  This simple little guided exercise will have so many million dollar N-PODs effortlessly pouring out of you that even Bill Gates might worry you’re gaining on him! They’ll ensure you always live life according to your dreams, on your terms, building your business according to your specifications (not someone else’s). – (Session #2).
  • 19 almost unheard of tips, tricks and techniques to spice up your deal and makes your prospect’s inner yearning so hot that nothing but giving you money will quench it! (It’s not what you think). – (Session #6).
  • The single most important online software you MUST have and how to get it for only 15-50 bucks. – (Session #8).
  • How to avoid the product pitfalls and traps that will eventually cause your business to crash and burn no matter what else you do (you’ll use this session to make sure your money machine never becomes a money drain) – (Session #18).
  • 3 ingenious ways to use the single most powerful secret weapon I’ve ever come across to practically force you to N-POD success no matter what. It ensures you always dig where the gold is (others gladly pay well over $500 for it -- I’ll show you how to use it all you want – for FREE). – (Session #4).
  • 3 hyper effective online techniques that are absolutely free and have created multi-million dollar ventures almost overnight, from nothing (and, nope, they aren’t reserved for just the “big boys”... it’s the great equalizer because anyone –once they know– can tap their power too)! – (Session #9).
  • How you can force your N-POD to accumulate a fat MILLION DOLLARS (even if it only brings in an extra $500.00 a month)! This same secret can pay for a college education, have you driving the sexiest little sports car you’ve ever dreamed of, or even live in a brand new home that’s at least one hundred thousand dollars more expensive than you thought you could ever afford... starting NEXT MONTH! – (Session #1).
  • The truth about where the money lives in ANY business and the secret of getting it at once. – (Session #3).
  • How to make your N-POD work as easy as selling aspirin to people with headaches. Once you’re done with this session you will have the highest paid, most valuable business building skill in the world. Even seasoned business pros do NOT get it (but desperately want it) and therefore will pay you through the nose for it. – (Session #6).
  • Session #7 reveals one of my favorite tricks that puts your N-POD growth on steroids. If you’re making $1,000 a month without this little gem, you could be making $5,000.00 a month the instant you institute it (with no extra time, money or energy required from you)! Plus, you get 15 unique and powerful ways to use it!
  • The exact step-by-step system I always use to create your own “Pied-Piper” effect that creates a continuous tidal wave of business to your N-POD. These two sessions customizes the system for you and takes you from wherever you’re starting (even zero) and grows your N-POD to whatever level you say!  – (Session #9 & 10).
  • The elusive “X-Factor” that allows you to out-smart, out-sell and out-profit even the toughest competition. There are only 3 people (besides me) in the whole world that I know of who even knows this one (and I bet even those 3 will be taking reams of notes on the simple way I teach it so anyone can immediately USE it to... hmmm, come to think of it, they’re probably gonna be pissed at me for letting this one out of the bag). – (Session #11, 12, & 13).
  • Simple tweaks allow you to turn a dud into a stud! Others give up, you cash in because of this session. Do the same work and get an even bigger bang for your buck. – (Session #14).
  • How to use my simple “pump & dump” principle to get industry giants drooling and fighting against each another for the privilege of doing business with little old you even if you’ve never been in business for yourself before (but be careful how you use this one... it’s a doozy). – (Session #16).
  • The secret of permanently tapping into your own money making genius.  Once you get this you’ll never worry about money (or lack of it) again.  Discover in these 2 sessions what separates the “one-hit-wonders” from those of us who can create success consistently anytime they want (you will come to recognize these sessions as the absolute most critical parts of your entire N-POD training)! – (Sessions #19 & 20).

     And, that’s just the beginning of what each of these jaw dropping sessions reveals. There is nothing else like it.  It’s absolutely unequaled.  (Then again, since I’m the inventor of all this, I’m probably not totally objective.)

     Does that mean it is impossible to lose with my system? No.  Let me tell you the...

3 Reasons N-POD Will Not Work:

     As great as my N-POD system is there are 3 reasons why it might not be right for you. They are:

  1. You're afraid of being rich. I'm serious. Lots of people have "lack" programming - a fear of success. They're so dialed into their "victim mentality" - whenever they start to become successful, they sabotage their own success. Even the row of Dominos will remain standing if you’re too scared to tip the first one over.
  2. You're an Uptight, Closed-minded Stuffed Shirt, who only pretends to have an open-mind. This system is the opposite of all those hair-brained "theories" that most so-called business professionals - who've never actually had to live and die by their bottom line results - teach. It's based on proven techniques that almost always runs counter to “conventional wisdom.” If you don't really have an open mind then you’ll be too busy second guessing to follow the simple directions and no way will you ever see the results you want.
  3. You're Lazy and/or Delusional. Hey if you think a few spare hours over 20 days isn’t quick enough to see these kinds of results... then it’s time to get real with yourself: You don’t want it as bad as you think you do.  N-POD is for people who have had enough of all the confusion and crap out there and are ready to use the proven system (it’s not for "wannabes" who live in fantasy-land and convinced themselves there really is such thing as “something-for-nothing”). As good as N-POD is, it won't happen by osmosis.  If you're not ready to take action - hang on to your money; you're going to need it.

     I'll tell you something else:  Maybe it’s a glitch in my personality, but I have to tell it like it is (not as we wish it’d be). Even though this rarely makes me “popular,” I hope you’ll find it refreshing to hear the truth for a change. But some people have a hard time with my blunt, direct and pull-no-punches style. If you like your info "sugar coated" or in a dry academic style – Not everyone can handle it... this probably is not for you. 

     Still with me?  Great, then you are in for the most profitable, fun filled journey and education you will get anywhere. 

     Well, there you have it.  You have just seen an overview of my amazing N-POD system.  However, here’s something else you need to know:  If you wanted to hire me on a one-on-one basis to develop an N-POD for you, you’d have to pay me $20,000.00 up front plus as much as 50% of the profits it produces... and that’s if I even had the time or willingness to take your project on (I’m very protective of my time and the projects I’ll personally get involved with).

     Anyway, now you can get the same results as if you hired me personally at a mere fraction of that price (and you won’t have to give me a piece of the deal, either).  For just $1997.50 (that’s more than 80% OFF).  And I’ll tell you something... it’s a bargain at that price. Many major "Guru’s" charge as much as $15,000.00 for packages that come close to delivering the value N-POD does.

     But don’t take my word for it... look at this recent email we got in from, Alain Diza, a proud N-POD System owner...

“...I am totally stoked and am very surprised at how easy Joshua is able to break everything down into small, easy-to-understand, consumable parts!

“He actually covers very similar concepts and even more detail than a recent Internet Success Coaching Course that I paid $7500 for!!! Geez! I wish I would have heard about him & his course first!!!  That's ok, I plan on making that $7500 back as soon as I'm done with Joshua's awesome NPOD system!!   I've got so many ideas that I can apply this NPOD system to, that I nearly got into a car wreck, yesterday as I was listening to his CDs, and jotted down ideas that were zipping thru my head!!! (Man! I better get a mini recorder for my truck -- just like he recommends on one of his earlier CDs!)...”

  Alain ("Alan") Diza


     However, I realize you might still be a little skeptical... so... I’m going to give you...

An Even Better Deal.

     For a limited time, I’m going to sell my system with an amazing guarantee.  Here’s how it works:  Order my N-POD system immediately for the special price of only $1997.50... (no scratch that, I'm gonna let you have the COMPLETE N-POD system for only 3 easy payments of $397 - but you must order now to get in on this special limited deal) and put it to the test for a full SIXTY DAYS completely risk-free (that’s enough time to build three brand new Net Profit On Demand Models, even though you’re only one N-POD away from being a millionaire). Use it, make money with it, and see for yourself that what I’ve written here is really true before you make up your mind for sure.

     If, SIXTY DAYS goes by, and it hasn’t lived up to your expectations and become your most prized possession, send back the package for an immediate refund. No questions asked.  No hassles. No risk. No Kidding.

     What could be better or fairer than that? I’ll tell you what...

     Since I’m determined to make my N-POD system a best seller, I’ve got to have more success stories of how everyday people made money with it. So, I’m going to do something that my conservative green eye-shade wearing accountant thinks I’ll go broke doing (he only approved it because I promised to end this special promotion on the spot if he gives me the nod). So don’t get caught empty handed... you must act now because this deal sweetener will end very soon. 

     Here’s the deal:  I’m so sure that my simple 20 day “paint by the numbers” format will work for you that not only am I offering you the risk-free 60 day trial, but I’m also putting my money where everyone else’s mouths are. See, for a very limited time I’ll pay you $100 cash if my system fails to work for you! Your original money back, plus $100...

Guarantees Don’t Get
Any Better Than This!

     Now, so I don’t get taken advantage of, I have to put some restrictions on the $100 bucks (and, oddly enough, it will help you achieve success). Here’s how it works: Each of the 20 coaching sessions has an interactive “Blueprint Worksheet” that corresponds to that particular session.  In the unlikely event you decide to return the package for a refund, you can get the extra hundred bucks if all the Worksheets corresponding to the 20 sessions have been fully completed and returned to me.

     It’s worth it to me to “buy” back your completed Blueprint Worksheets for $100.00. Why? Because that completed Blueprint is solid gold in the right hands! See, I know from experience that if you’ll go through the 20 sessions and complete the worksheets... that’s the hard part... I’ll be able to launch your N-POD in a New York minute and cash in on that. 

     One more thing... if you take me up on the hundred bucks, then you need to know that you give up all rights to it.  It’s mine.  I don’t want any hard feelings if I end up making a killing from your initial work.

Here’s 4 KILLER “Bribes” To Sweeten This Offer:

     I’m on a mission to create N-POD success stories. So if you are one of the first 100 people to order, in addition to the 20 individual coaching session (on Digitally Mastered CD’s), the Interactive Blueprint Worksheets, the Risk-Free 60 day trial, the $100 performance guarantee, I’ll sweeten the deal by including... ABSOLUTELY FREE... these 4 incredible N-POD building tools:

  1. “Top Secret Closed-Door N-POD Video Seminar on 3 DVD’s” -- A few months ago I did a favor for a small group of five very special people. They were family members and close friends who begged me to reveal my N-POD formula to them.  After a little arm-twisting from my wife (she can be very persuasive) I agreed to do it (I even dusted off my suit and put away my preferred business attire of shorts, T-shirt and sandals for the day). Anyway, here’s why you’d kill to own the videos of this insider’s seminar:  Because it was my family and friends, I revealed things I don’t normally tell anyone (not even to my best clients who have paid me tens of thousands of dollars)... I gave them all I had to give… nothing was withheld.  If you act immediately I will see to it that you get your own personal copy of these jealously guarded, never to be repeated seminar videos.
  2. My Special Report titled, “The N-POD X-Factor” -- The X-Factor is the one factor that grows your N-POD exponentially.  And, to do it quick and easy, not to mention faster, bigger and better than you ever dreamed was possible (plus, you’ll EAT YOUR COMPETITION FOR LUNCH with this info).  This confidential report will allow you to harness and direct my single biggest secret business weapon for yourself....
  3. My Special Report titled, “How To Quickly & Easily Break Through To The Ultimate N-POD Success” -- Where the “X-Factor” report covers my single biggest secret business weapon this confidential report lets you in on the true secret to consistent lifelong success and how to get everything (and I do mean everything) you want from life. Once you understand and master this, you’ll be amazed at how the universe conspires to give you everything you demand of it... be it business, personal, health, relationships, respect, money, freedom, prosperity or whatever.  Nothing is more powerful than this (spooky stuff, man). 
  4. Lifetime access to my “Insiders Only, Behind-The-Scenes N-POD Builder’s Website” -- Want to know the latest time-sensitive “lo-down” on what techniques, tactics and tricks that are working well (and those which you must abandon because they will just cost you money)? This special site (even the URL web address is kept under lock and key) gives you a direct and continuous pipeline to the most up to date business building information. 

     There.  Now I can sleep.  Because I’ve done everything I possibly can to make this offer so irresistible, you’d have to be a fool to turn it down. But, remember, you’ve got to be one of the first 100 people to respond. I have to limit the number of people I give these tools away to keep things fair for everyone.

     One more thing, then we’ll wrap this up.  As good as this deal is, I’m aware that most people are uneasy about investing in themselves, even if it is only $1997.50 3 easy payments of only $397 on special (I mean it’s not like spending $100,000.00 to buy a franchise or a college education). But the real question isn’t one of price... it’s one of value.  What will the N-POD system do for you?  Here’s what I mean: What if tomorrow you got a surprise $7,000.00 tax bill or if your car unexpectedly broke down, needing $3,000.00 worth of repairs– now what do you do? What would it be worth if you never had to experience that pit in your stomach again the next time an unexpected expense popped up that you had no idea how you were going to handle?  What if N-POD took all that stress away?  How good would that feel for a change? I’m talking about big things, like a house, a car, a college education, a big wedding. Or for small things like unexpected car repairs, vacations, air conditioning and so on. 

     What price tag would you put on that?

     What’s it worth to have the peace of mind of getting rid of your money worries for good?  To have the skill (that once learned can never be taken away from you) to create money from thin air?  To have the unstoppable self-confidence that comes when you know you can handle whatever life serves you up... that you’ll never again feel that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach again?  That money (or lack of it) will never be a controlling force in your life again?

     I don’t know what that’s worth to you. You are the only one who can put a price on that. Not me. You.

     But I can tell you the value I personally put on it... PRICELESS! I mean it’s produced over $30 Million dollars for me and my clients in the last 4 years... so is it worth a million? No, because I’m nowhere near done using it yet! Here’s the bottom line: at only $1197.00 only $397 gets you started, this package is quite possibly the deal of your lifetime. I would have crawled over a mile of broken glass to get this package when I was starting out.

     Now, you've come this far and that says great things about you whether you know it or not.

     Most people bumble their way through life desperately clinging to some "Get Rich Quick While Doing Nothing" fairy tales. You're smart enough to see through that (just knowing this already gives you a head start).

     And that's why I want to make one thing absolutely clear about N-POD.

     This is not "pie in the sky". It's not for do-nothings. You actually have to follow through. (I know this is common sense, but bear with me... I need to weed out the dummies who expect something for nothing and who insist on living in a world of “eat donuts and lose weight” fantasy land here and now).

     Anyway, here's what I'm getting at: My results with the N-POD system are not typical. They’ve come from years "in the trenches" ... and I have the battle scars to prove it. Your results, if any, will vary.

     I'm not making any express or implied claims as to what you'll accomplish. After all, we've never met, so how can I know what you will do or won’t do and therefore the results you’ll achieve?  Again, common sense, right?

     But, here's what I am willing to do. I stand behind the N-POD system 100%.  It's taken me years to perfect and it's given me a life of security and freedom that most people only dream about. And that's why I'm willing to pay you the $100 EXTRA as a performance warranty just for trying it out.

     So, here's how to order...

     The absolute fastest way is to order directly online through our 100% secured server. 

     If you live INSIDE the USA all you have to do is <Click Here Now> and submit the quick form.  Your complete N-POD package will be on its way to you immediately!

     If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now and submit the quick form. Your complete N-POD package will be on its way to you immediately!

     So now you have a decision to make. You can take me up on this limited offer, the 60-day trial, all the goodies above, the incredible 95% discount and even the $100.00 no-failure performance warranty and put my Net Profits On Demand system through it’s paces... see it for yourself.  Two months from today you can be nothing more than 60 days older – or you can be on your way to lifetime of freedom on your terms.  You decide.

Your Personal N-POD (Net Profits On Demand) Coach,

Joshua Shafran
Creator of N-POD



P.S. You know, it’s really odd, even the best “how to” deals (by the top gurus) out there, with some of the most incredible information I’ve ever discovered still left me sadly short of achieving my dreams.  It’s confusing (purposely?) -- like trying to swallow an elephant whole. I mean, just because you buy a book on brain- surgery DOES NOT mean you’ll be a brain surgeon after you finish reading it, right? These gurus seem to leave that part out (as I found out the hard way).

     I’m sick and tired of the deals that get you hyped up on fantastic info and then send you on your way to figure it out in the real world.

     Anyway, that’s why N-POD is a completely different approach. Yes, it provides you with all the insider’s tools, systems and formulas... AND... thanks to its cutting edge (yet simple) design it does what the others don’t -- it carries you over the finish line with quick and easy step-by-step bite-sized steps to follow, each one building on the success of the small step before it.  Just connect the dots and in 20 days (or less) you will actually experience (not just learn it, experience it) what it’s like to make Net Profits On Demand.

     Freedom.  Pure Freedom (you’ll see).

P.P.S. As great as you think you’ll feel once you master my Net Profits On Demand Formula in 20 days, it’s nothing compared to the actual joy, excitement and raw power you are about to tap. No words can explain how you’ll feel once you actually LIVE it (once you own the inner confidence that can only come from experiencing that you are truly unstoppable).

     What will your life look like when you have the skill to create money from thin air, anytime you want? I can’t say for sure, but here’s 3 quick examples of what it’s done for me in the last few months:

     ONE:  I just turned down a project that probably would have made around $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 dollars cash in my pocket in only 12-18 months.  Why’d I turn it down?  Because I simply didn’t want to do it! See, with the freedom this formula gives me, I’m NEVER forced to do things I don’t want to do just to make a buck.  Why should I take on a project that doesn’t inspire me, when I can make the same (or better) money doing something I love, on my terms? You get total control over your life when you can simply say “Thanks, but no thanks.” You call the shots because you have the options!

     TWO:  My step-father died, leaving my mother completely unprepared with an enormous amount of debt, worried that she’d be forced to sell her home.  A day after she called me she had a check from me and was no longer contemplating bankruptcy.  You get help the people you love without giving it a second thought.

     THREE: One morning my wife and I made a snap decision to get a new “beach toy” to play with.  So we got on our sandals and shorts.  I must have a sadistic side...  because I actually enjoyed watching the dealership manager’s jaw drop in jealous shock as this young, “beach-bum” punk paid cash for a brand new, loaded 4-wheel drive Jeep Wrangler Sport, just so he wouldn’t have to worry about getting sand in his Lexus.

     Thanks for letting me brag a bit.  I can’t wait to hear from you about YOUR stories of what N-POD does for you, your lifestyle and your family.  Exciting stuff brothers and sisters, exciting indeed.

     Talk to you soon.

Revealing Case Studies Show How Well The N-POD
System Works For Everyday People (Like, You):

     "Your N POD formula changed my life.  As soon as you taught it to me I used it on a couple of sites to create a nice income that allowed me to quit my job and work from home.

     "Then, out of the blue, somebody contacted me and wanted me to create the same thing for them and offered me a deal I couldn't refuse. Within 7 days (I did a couple N POD style sites already) I had him up and running and within the first month we did $60,000 in sales and within the first 6 weeks we did $100,000 - all following the simple N Pod formula.

   "That was almost 3 years ago and that site still does $20,000 to $40,000 every month... the dominos just keep falling (as you say) and I keep getting a nice sized check every month from that person for the work I did 3 years ago. Since then I have created over a dozen N POD style sites that have vaulted my income and lifestyle in ranges that I used to only fantasize about. I can't recommend your system enough. It really is the real deal."

-- Kevin Wilke, President - NitroMarketing

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

     "Joshua, it worked really! Just like you said it would. Your NPOD system made me $ 8.985.50 in only 45 days! But that's not even the best part: I have a campaign planned that should make over 6 figures in less than 6 months. I'll never doubt you again (did you get the chocolates I sent you? How did you like it)"

-- Eric Kammerer, Austria

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

     “I thought ‘oh, no, not another one of these things’ when my husband told me he was trying npod. I watched skeptically knowing it wouldn’t work. But then a big bill came unexpectedly and instead of worrying about it like he normally does, he just smiled at me... he told me, he had it covered. 

     “Apparently, he’d been using your npod formula for less than a month and made just over $500 (enough to cover that unexpected bill... with a little left over for a nice night out on the town). But here’s what I couldn’t figure out... I never saw him spend more than a few hours doing it... I guess it really is that simple.”

-- Angela & David Lewis

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

G'day Joshua

I have surely purchased a lot of "make money" or "marketing type" packages over the years. Each and every one I have gleaned yet another gem of information. NPOD is amazingly different.

NPOD is professional, innovative and superior to programs that I have paid 3 times the amount for.  NPOD taught me how to make money on demand. More importantly NPOD showed me how my previous marketing ploys were badly designed and prone to failure before I started. I thought they were good at the time, but I can now see how they couldn't have possibly worked.

NPOD isn't just a few gems in a sea of information.  NPOD is the gem field!

-- Kerrie Mercel, Australia

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

"I've reviewed 123 marketing products, and invested $27,627 in marketing courses over the past 2 years. Joshua's NPOD system is the *only one* I've seen that actually really *teaches* you not only what to do, step-by-step, but also teaches you WHY to do it. So in the end, you actually *understand* how to effectively market. And once you know that, you truly can consistently create Net Profits on Demand."

 ~ Eric Owens

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

"...I figured that if the system was only half as good as promised, it would be money well spent. I've got to say it's worth more than twice as much. There's a lot of information that you will have heard in other places, but the NPOD System is the first to put it all down in one, easy-to-follow program that walks you through the steps for developing successful direct marketing businesses. And with Joshua's enthusiasm bleeding through on every CD  you almost feel like you've got a personal coach with you every step of the way.

"Joshua was able to quickly clarify a sticking point I've had in my own business and launched me on a new path where I can truly bond with, and profit from, my email list.  Thanks Joshua!"

 - Chuck Smith

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

“I received my NPOD in a very timely fashion.  This is good stuff. Its not just some warmed over hoopla. There have been several things that I have never heard of before Joshua spoke about them...”

-- Jeff Vincent
  Pine Grove Enterprises

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

“First let me say I am delighted with my NPOD package.

“The Audio CDs were full of detailed information on the how and especially the why of how your package can offer "Net Profits On Demand".

“Your blueprint was really the icing on the cake and made the whole process so simple that even I a 70 year old was able to create my very own NPOD.

“Admittedly it took me a little more than the 30 days you say but not much more and I do not have very good computer skills.

“Two finger operation really.

“You have opened a pandora's box and made me very happy, I wish you every success.”

-- Fred Scott, United Kingdom

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.


If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.

“In just 30 days, NPOD has helped me indulge my first love and true passion - helping children with heart birth defects - even while pursuing a hectic schedule as a busy surgeon.  It was so easy to follow, learn from and put into action - that within a month I've actually created THREE NPODs (as Joshua calls them).

“And they'll all make money to help save a few more children.

“Briefly, here's what I did ... (keep in mind that these are just from the first 30 days of using the NPOD system and I hadn't even started using the advanced sections of the course).

“My first and second NPOD brought in $609.00 in sales for a $29 product - and added 439 new subscribers to my mailing list.  439 new subscribers... 'Big Deal' right? It is a big deal.  See, Joshua's taught me there's real power in small numbers... From experience I know that each new subscriber earns me on average $17 annually.  So even if I STOPPED using the NPOD principles today, those 439 subscribers will be worth $7,463.00 to me -- every single year!

“Now, my third NPOD in the 30 days brought in the most money of all... it brought in over $3,200.00 in sales with $1,200.00 being cash PROFIT in my pocket (plus, I added another 157 ubscribers to my annual profit potential).

“Get this! I'm a scientist. I demand concrete proof and data before I believe in something.  Now I'm convinced that the NPOD system works, can be learned, is reproducible, consistent - and profitable... because I've got empirical proof (money in the bank)! In fact, I would even go so far as to say that this is a work of sheer genius! Joshua Shafran has an uncanny knack of being able to GET INTO YOUR MIND... He seems to know just WHAT you want to know about marketing and business - then GIVES you just the right stuff! If I'd known about "Net Profits On Demand (NPOD)" when I started marketing on the Web six years ago, I'd have made MILLIONS already!

“Plain and simple, if you're looking for a system that WORKS, that DELIVERS, look no further. Joshua's NPOD, (Net Profits On Demand) System is it... Do yourself a favor and get it now.”

--Mani Sivasubramanian, M.D.
Author of "Blog Profit Ideas Exposed -
           33 Tips To Profit From Web Logs"

If you live INSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.




If you live OUTSIDE the USA Click Here Now to put N-POD to work for YOU.



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